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Uses of sulfuric acid

Uses Of Sulfuric Acid Sulfuric acid is called the chemical compound which is extremely corrosive, its formula is written as follows: H2SO4. This chemical compound is the one with the highest production in the world, which is why sulfuric acid is used as a measure of the capacity of the industrial level of nations. Another considerable part is destined to obtain fertilizers.

It is also used to synthesize other sulfates and acids and in industrial petrochemicals. It is normally made from sulfur dioxide by oxidation with nitrogen oxides wrapped in an aqueous solution. Procedures are usually done afterwards to obtain a higher concentration of the acid.

In ancient times it was called spirit or oil of vitriol because it was produced from this mineral. The molecule has a pyramidal structure, with four oxygen atoms in the apex part and the sulfur atom in the central area. The two hydrogen atoms are connected to the unbonded oxygen atoms by a double bond to sulfur.

Uses of sulfuric acid

drain cleaning

1650469996 998 Uses Of Sulfuric Acid Some types of drain cleaners are based on sulfuric acid, they are called drain cleaners.

They can cause serious burns to people who use them improperly or are exposed to a spill. There have always been arguments that defend the fact that these cleaners are only used by professionals.

Sometimes they were used violently by throwing themselves into another person’s face to cause severe burns and permanent disfigurement.

car batteries

Sulfuric acid is an important element in most types of batteries, especially tractor and car batteries. The battery produces energy through the reaction of sulfuric acid and lead, which is then combined to generate an inert compound similar to electrons that produce energy.

As the reaction occurs simultaneously, the battery loses its charge. Rechargeable type batteries can also be made of sulfuric acid with an element that reverses this reaction and returns the individual taxes to the original state.


Garden fertilization needs sulfuric acid. Plants need three main nutrients for their development: phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Most homeowners use different types of fertilizers on their lawns and patios.

Inorganic phosphate fertilizers are normally made with sulfuric acid. When combined with phosphate rock, a chemical reaction gives rise to phosphoric acid. This acid becomes a safe alternative for handling and can be easily absorbed and broken down by plants. Ammonium sulfate is considered another household fertilizer created with sulfuric acid.

refine oil

The crude oil refining process needs sulfuric acid as a catalyst. This is used in an alkylation unit supplied with sulfuric acid or in an SAAU.

chemical manufacturing

This resource is used in the manufacturing process of different chemicals such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and various industrial chemicals.

Drug preparation

Chemotherapy drugs are used to work on various types of cancer. Cancer cells are more susceptible to DNA damage than normal cells, so chemotherapy treatment kills cancer cells when it damages their DNA.

This procedure is called DNA alkylation and is used in a class of drugs called alkylating antineoplastic agents. Sulfuric acid is an element used in the manufacture of these drugs.


Sulfuric acid is used in the treatment of metals as surface scale, rust or to remove impurities as occurs in the manufacture of steel.

Currently, the use of sulfuric acid for this purpose has declined significantly as industry uses hydrochloric acid instead. Although it is more expensive than sulfuric, the results achieved are faster and the loss of base metal that occurs in the pickling process is minimal.

General uses

It is used on:

  • Gasoline.
  • Pharmaceutical products.
  • Whitening with sugar.
  • paper whitening.
  • sulphonating agents.
  • Water treatment.
  • Steel manufacturing.
  • Cellulose fibers.
  • amino acid intermediate.
  • Dyes and regeneration of ion exchange resins.

Electron configuration of sulfuric acid

The sulfuric acid molecule has a chemical nomenclature which is written H₂SO₄. In this structure, it is possible to observe the elements hydrogen with two atoms, sulfur with one atom and oxygen with 4 atoms.

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