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Uses of Gold

Uses Of Gold Gold is a chemical element which is represented by the symbol Au and whose atomic number corresponds to 79. It is found in group 11 of the periodic table. It is a soft, lustrous gold-colored, ductile, malleable, and heavy transition metal.

In jewelry, it is one of the most valued due to its physical properties. The great value it retains is given by its rarity. It is very easy to find it in nature.

This metal is very sensitive and soluble in aqua regia, chlorine, cyanide, bleach and mercury, although it does not react with most chemicals. It is normally found in pure form, in alluvial deposits and in the form of nuggets. The creation of gold occurs due to the extreme conditions of supernova core collapse.

As nuclear fusion ceases, the upper layers of the star immediately fall above the stellar core, which compresses and heats matter until the lighter cores fuse together and thus create the higher weight metals, such as as gold, uranium, among others. The gold that exists on the planet comes from the collision of neutron stars, a study suggests.

Uses of Gold

  • 1650483006 908 Uses Of Gold In jewelry, three quarters of the gold produced in the world is used, this area is considered a precious metal used to make earrings, rings and bracelets.
  • At the industrial level, mainly in the field of Electrons, gold consumption is 10 to 15%. The remaining amount is divided between medical use, government use and private reserves.
  • In dentistry, gold is used with an alloy of palladium and platinum for the creation of dental parts.
  • It is also used to make decorative objects such as vases.
  • It is used to make coins.
  • It is important to specify that the use that is given to this metal in the elaboration of coins and other decorative objects is really with alloys due to the softness of its consistency to gold.

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Low concentrations of this metal are found in ocean waters, around 10 parts per billion parts of water, while in the deep sea it can be found in much higher concentrations, as well as in plankton. .

Currently, there is no economical process for extracting the concentrations that exist in the sea of ​​this metal. The only forms in which the other is found on planet earth are metallic or natural minerals and various tellurics. Naturally, this metal is found in rocks and minerals of other metallic elements, mainly in pyrite and quartz. It can be found scattered in gravels and sand, known as alluvial gold.

As with other precious metals, the mass of gold is measured on the Troy scale, which is 12 ounces for every pound. Gold can be melted at a temperature of 1063 degrees Celsius and its boiling point corresponds to 2970 degrees Celsius.

Formation and importance of gold

In the crust, gold deposits form from very hot liquids, gases and metasomatics, which are lifted from the interior of the planet and moved to the surface by crustal faults. Gold is the representation of economic power in heraldry and also a symbology of vanity.

It is considered the easiest metal to handle and the one that offers the greatest flexibility. It is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Social phenomena and historical facts are recorded around this metal, such as the case of the so-called gold rush that occurred in California, United States, between 1848 and 1855, a period during which many immigrants have arrived en masse in this state in search of this metal.

Because of its monetary value, it is used to replace terms that refer to wealth or wealth, such as “The owner of this business is bathing in gold”.

Effects of gold on health and the environment

Inhalation may cause irritation and allergic reaction to skin and eyes if prolonged for a long time. No adverse effects expected from ingestion. The ecotoxicity that may exist in this metal has not yet been evaluated.

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