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Uses of chlorine

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Uses Of Chlorine Chlorine is part of the periodic table of chemical elements, it is located in the group of halogens, its atomic number is 17 and it is represented by Cl. This element abounds in nature and is important for various forms of life.

It is not found in a pure state in the environment because it reacts quickly with various compounds and chemical elements, but it is found in chlorides, mainly chlorites chlorites, dissolved in sea water and in the mines of salt.

The electron configuration of chlorine determines how its electrons are structured. The full version is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p5, while the short version is [Ne] 3s2 3p5.

Uses of chlorine

household disinfectant

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Chlorine chemistry is used to create household bleach. This product disinfects and whitens bathroom and kitchen surfaces, as well as clothing.

Solutions in water and diluted bleach are useful for eliminating and killing germs that are found on various surfaces in the home and can cause illnesses, including seasonal flu and coronavirus.

in water

The chemistry of chlorine helps maintain drinking water and swimming pool water. Many people were dying each year from waterborne diseases before chlorine-based disinfectants began to be used to treat drinking water. Some of these diseases are typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis A and dysentery.

Chlorine-based pool and spa sanitizers help keep water safe by eliminating pathogens in the water that can cause illnesses such as skin and ear rashes, diarrhea, and even athlete’s foot .

take care of health

The chemistry of chlorine is important for making the necessary medicines, mainly those that allow the reduction of cholesterol, the relief of allergies, the pain caused by arthritis, among others.

Products that have chlorine chemistry can be found in medical devices, in blood bags, and in surgical stitches. Chlorine chemistry is also used to make safety glasses, contact lenses, and respiratory inhalers.

in food

The chemistry of chlorine enables the provision of abundant and healthy food through the protection of crops against pests and the disinfectant maintenance of kitchen counters and other surfaces that may come into contact with food products. In this way, salmonella, E. coli virus and other germs that are transmitted through these routes are destroyed.


Chlorine chemistry is used to make fast processors that support the functions of tablets, smartphones, and computers. It is also used to make air conditioners for businesses and homes, high-performance magnets, and hybrid car batteries.

environment and energy

The element plays an important role in purifying silicon from sand grains, harnessing solar energy and facilitating the processing of solar panel chips. The blades that wind turbines have created with chlorine-based epoxy resins enable the conversion of wind energy into electricity.

Law enforcement and defense

The chemistry of this element is useful for making bulletproof vests worn by police and soldiers. Also to make night vision goggles and parachutes as well as covers and guidance technology for missiles and cockpits.


Chlorine and its chemistry are used in trains, planes, boats, automobiles, to make seat cushions, brake fluid, bumpers and airbags to ensure passenger comfort and safety. It is also used in the creation of impact-resistant windows, cables and wires, navigation systems and steel hulls.

construction and building

Plastic foam insulation is based on chlorine chemistry, which increases the energy efficiency of residential air conditioning and heating systems, minimizing energy bills and maintaining the quality of natural resources. Vinyl windows that protect energy efficiency reduce heating and cooling costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Research shows that one-third of the energy required to manufacture aluminum windows is needed to manufacture vinyl windows. On the other hand, chlorine helps to beautify the rooms of the house because it is a compound of durable paints.

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