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Uses of Aluminum

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Uses Of Aluminum Aluminum is called the chemical element that is found in the periodic table, its atomic number is 13 and it is represented by the symbol Al.

It is a non-ferromagnetic metal, it is ranked third in the list of the most common elements on earth. Aluminum compounds are part of 8% of the earth’s crust and can be found in virtually all plants, rocks and animals.

Naturally occurring aluminum is found in silicates such as plagioclase, feldspars and micas. Aluminum is mined only from the mineral called bauxite. It is first transformed into alumina by the Bayer process and then transformed into metallic aluminum by electrolysis. This metal has a combination of properties that make it suitable for use in materials engineering due to its high corrosion resistance and low density.

Thanks to the appropriate alloys, it is possible to considerably increase the mechanical resistance of aluminium. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Inexpensive and easy to machine, it is for this reason that from the middle of the 20th century, aluminum is the most used metal after steel.

Uses of Aluminum

pharmaceutical packaging

1650471084 403 Uses Of Aluminum The properties of this material allow it to create barriers against moisture, light, gases, oxygen and other liquids that can affect the quality of pharmaceutical products. Aluminum provides safety in medical standards which has sterility.

bike frame

In addition to titanium, steel and carbon, bicycle frames made from aluminum alloys are of great importance. This material is lightweight, yet it has 75% of the strength of titanium or steel.

wire for electricity

Aluminum is used in electrical cables because aluminum wire has a conductivity that compares to copper wire, being thicker and lighter than copper. Aluminum conductors are currently used which transfer electricity at an amount greater than 700,000 volts.

vehicle body

Almost all vehicle bodywork is created on the basis of aluminum. The advantages provided by this material go beyond a minimization of consumption due to lower weight or a lighter body and also greater rigidity. Aluminum guarantees efficiency and dynamism in the creation of these pieces.

lithographic plate

This element can cover the needs of the lithography industry, although it is a specialized market. Currently, litho sheets are used to create such plates created on the basis of aluminum.

White line

Aluminum is used to make washing machines, stoves, microwaves, refrigerators and many white goods because it gives them design and durability.

airplane wings

The main material used for the construction of World War I aircraft was aluminum because the element provided strength, lightness and great thermal and electrical conductivity.

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is used to wrap food and ensure a longer shelf life. It acts as a barrier against odors, light and bacteria.


Aluminum is used in commercial and industrial constructions in different ways such as windows, doors, brackets, ceilings, claddings, among others.

kitchen tools

Kitchen materials are very popular. Its hard surfaces allow for easy cleaning. This is sealed so the aluminum does not get into the food. It has the ability to transport heat and is very durable.

More information on aluminum and its uses

Aluminum and recycling

Aluminum is a fully recyclable material without minimizing its physical qualities. The recovery of this element by recycling is currently an important facet of its industry. The aluminum recycling process requires little energy, the remelting process requires only 5% of the energy needed to create the primary starting metal.

Aluminum Setup

The complete Electron configuration of aluminum is written 1s22s22p63s23p1 while its simplified version is [Ne] 3s² 3p¹. Aluminum is found in the metals of the periodic table, it is in group 13 of the third period. The 13 protons that this metal has constitute the nucleus of the atom, they are surrounded by 13 electrons. The last of them are located in energy levels up to 3p.

When aluminum is in the third period, the noble gas which corresponds to it is Neon represented by Ne, this in turn represents 10 electrons. Taking into account the rules of the diagonals, it continues at level 3, it has 2 electrons located in the s sublevel, then it continues at level 3, an electron found in the p sublevel and thus the 13 are completed.

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