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Nitrogen Uses

Nitrogen Uses Nitrogen is a chemical element of the periodic table which is represented by the symbol N and whose atomic number is 7. This gas is inert and non-reactive. Its atomic mass corresponds to 14,0067 and when it is under normal conditions it forms a gas composed of two atoms (diatomic) consisting of about 78% of the air in the atmosphere.

This element is used in various fields, such as the manufacture, handling, processing and storage of food products, chemicals, among others. In some cases it is called azoe. It is ideal for coatings and is regularly used as a purge gas. It also helps to eradicate contaminants in process streams by the bubbling and stripping method.

Nitrogen Uses

Nitrogen Uses Thanks to its properties, it is used to shelter or protect products from contaminants and also prevents dust explosions, which makes the use of flammable compounds and storage safe.

Two-thirds of the nitrogen produced by the industrial sector is intended for sale in gaseous form, the rest being sold in liquid form. The Electron configuration of this chemical element is: He 2s2 2p3 Nitrogen has various applications, in different fields, among which:

preserve food

Nitrogen gas is used to preserve preserved food products, to provide an atmosphere that is non-reactive. This allows bulk or packaged foods to stay fresh and prevent oxidation such as color changes.

for fire fighting

It is possible to extinguish a fire by reducing the concentration of oxygen, nitrogen can be used for this purpose if it is stabilized at such a level that it allows people to be exposed to it without causing effects negative on their health and for a short period of time. .

In the bulb industry

It is important that the bulbs are filled with a non-reactive gas, such as nitrogen. They are not filled with air, because if that happened the hot tungsten wire would burn due to the presence of oxygen, but neither should it be done in a vacuum because the pressure of the outside atmosphere can break the glass of the bulb.

It is possible to replace nitrogen with other equally inert gases, such as helium or argon, but both have a higher cost.

Nitrogen Tire Filling Uses

This gas is also used to fill the tires of cars used in races and also those used by airplanes, which reduces the problems caused by humidity and oxygen present in the air.

Oxygen can probably exit more than nitrogen, which would in this case ensure that the tire pressure is more durable and stable for longer than if the oxygen were replaced by this gas.

Use of nitrogen in the manufacture of stainless steel

In some cases, nitrogen can be used to add it to steel during its manufacture. It would be added during the merge, when the merge process is done or during pocket processing.

Nitrogen has a great influence on its resistance to deformation, conformation, hardness or impact properties of the material, which makes it a very relevant element.

Chemical analysis and industry

Nitrogen is very important in the chemical industry. It is used to prepare samples for chemical analysis, in the concentration and volume reduction of liquid samples, to produce dyes, nitric acid, explosives and fertilizers.

In aircraft fuel systems

Nitrogen is also used in some jet fuel systems to minimize the risk of fire.

Benefits of using nitrogen

In soil and water, it is possible to find nitrogen in the form of nitrites and nitrates, and these are known because they have the capacity to generate various effects on the health of people, among which:

Nitrites lead to a decrease in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. In the case of nitrate, it achieves a stimulation of the functioning of the thyroid gland and allows to reduce the storage of vitamin A. In addition, both can benefit the generation of nitrosamines, which represent a normal cause of cancer.

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