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Uses Of The Theriodic Table

Often scientific topics are not easy to learn or study because they are not perceived as useful for daily use and their importance for new developments or already existing products for daily use is unknown. A good proof of this is the periodic table of the elements, the learning of which can be more than a headache for many students.

However, now a interactive periodic table, which allows you to know what each of the chemical elements is used for who are part of it, as Gizmodo reports. A system that, without a doubt, can also be useful for teaching chemistry.

And it is that the table, in addition to facilitating the knowledge of what the chemical elements are used for, explains its features to make them more understandable. Information that is accessed by simply moving the cursor over the icon of each element, a gesture with which the chosen quadrant is enlarged and all the data is displayed in an additional window, which is supported by drawings.

Of the examples listed in this table, made in englishis the lithiumwhich is used for the batteries, or the sodium which is represented with a salt shaker and whose uses are indicated for glass, soaps or street lamps.

Hitting is the case of match in the box of which the bones of a skeleton were drawn because of its importance for bone structure or energy storage, in addition to being used for matches or in the preparation of detergents.

Some balloons are the chosen icon for the helium because precisely among its uses for daily life is that of inflating them. It is also an element related to lasers and coolants, among other possibilities.

the potassium it is represented with fruits and vegetables, since these are products that contain it and through which it passes into the body, although it is also used for soaps, matches or fertilizers, while the tungsten its icon is a light bulb because its wires are made with this element, which is also present in televisions, lamps or cutting tools.

Very curious is the galliumwhose box has a digital alarm clock with a luminous display since it is an element related to LED lights and other luminous signals, as well as the iodine which is associated with a medical product design for its healing properties and the important role it plays in preventing thyroid related health issues.

The airplane icon indicates that you are in front of the chemical element called aluminumsince this material is widely used in aeronautics, although it is also found in bicycles or cars, among other everyday objects.

And a bridge is the drawing that appears for the iron for its use in metallic structures such as bridges, with the exception of vehicles. Likewise, it is present in the blood of people.

These are just some of the examples that allow you to have a fun and very curious time, while learning the periodic table of elements in a practical and entertaining way, so difficult for many students to memorize.

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