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Electron configuration of Yttrium

Electron Configuration Of Yttrium The electron configuration of yttrium is [Kr]4d15s2. Yttrium is known as a chemical element that is part of the periodic table, its atomic number is 39 and its symbol corresponds to the letter Y. Its atomic weight is equal to 88.905.

This element is a transition rare earth, it belongs to group IIIB. It is a silver colored metal and is common in minerals that have rare earths.

Two of the compounds of this element are used to create the red tint that makes up the LEDs or light emitting diodes used in CRT or color cathode ray television screens.

Electron configuration of yttrium

Electron Configuration Of Yttrium The Electron configuration of each element is used to know how the electrons are structured in the atoms of any element. The Electron configuration of yttrium is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2 4p6 4d1 5s2, its abbreviated or simplified version is [Kr]4d15s2.

This element is composed of 39 electrons and is distributed as follows: the first shell contains 2 electrons, the second has 8, the third has 18, the fourth has 9, the fifth has only 2.

The covalent radius of yttrium is 162 pm, the Bohr radius or atomic radius is 212 pm and the average radius of this element is 180 pm.

To know the atomic mass of an element, you need to know the total mass of protons and neutrons present in a single atom that is part of that element. In the case of yttrium, its atomic mass is 88.90585 u. This element is located in period 5 and in group 3 of the periodic table of chemical elements.

Characteristics and properties of the Yttrium configuration

Yttrium is a silver colored metal, it is light, shiny, malleable and ductile. In its chemical structure, it is similar to lanthanides. It is very stable when in air as it burns when above 600 degrees Kelvin. It is reactive under certain conditions. Metal shavings and dust can ignite at room temperature.

This element is the most abundant but difficult to extract rare earth. It can be created by nuclear fission. It is associated with the elements located in the 57 to 71.

In its natural form, this element is in a solid state. Its atomic symbol is Y, its atomic number is 39. The boiling point is 3336.85 degrees Celsius or degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to 3609 degrees Kelvin. The melting point is 1526.85 degrees Celsius or Celsius, similar to 1799 Kelvin.

Obtaining and Presence of Yttrium

  • Rare metals can be obtained by ion or solvent exchange methods. Commercial yttrium is obtained by reducing fluoride with calcium in the form of yttrium oxide, this one is obtained from gadolinite which is at the same time composed of erbium, gadolinium, holmium, d europium and rhenium.
  • This mineral is found in Sweden, Greenland, Norway, Japan and Colorado. Similarly, yttrium can be found in the mineral nuevite, which is common in the Colorado region. This mineral is composed of tantalum, titanium, quartz and iron, it is similar to keilhaute found in Norway.
  • Fergusonite is known as a mineral with a brown tint, it fractures in a glassy manner. It is found in Appalachia, from South Carolina to New England. It is a cerium tantalate and columbate with yttrium, uranium and erbium.

Yttrium isotopes

Natural yttrium is composed of a single isotope which is Y-89. The most stable radioisotopes are Y-88 with a half-life equal to 106.65 days and Y-91 with 58.51 days.

The other isotopes have half-lives of less than a day, with the exception of Y-87, which contains a half-life equal to 79.8 hours. 26 unstable isotopes are recorded. The Y3+ ion is considered diamagnetic.

Yttrium Precautions

This element is dangerous in the workplace because gases and particles can be inhaled when in the air. Yttrium can damage the lungs, especially when exposed for a long time.

It can also cause cancer in people and increase the risk of lung cancer if inhaled. If it accumulates in the human body, it can pose a threat to liver health.

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