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Electron configuration of Terbium

Electron Configuration Of Terbium The Electron configuration of Terbium is Xe 4f9 6s2. The first thing we need to know is that terbium is a chemical, solid and metallic element with a white appearance and a silver luster in its color, it is symbolized by Tb and has an Electron number 65, that is why it occupies the position 65 of the periodic table.

Today we are going to study an element of our periodic table known as Terbium, I know you must already be curious asking yourself the question so let’s get started.

Electron configuration of Terbium

Terbium Setup

Electron Configuration Of Terbium The Electron configuration of Terbium is Xe 4f9 6s2, which in detail would be represented as follows:

1s2 2s2 2s6 3s2 3s6 3d10 4s2 4s6 4d10 5s2 5s6 4f9 5d0 6s2

Count of electrons per level: 2, 8, 18, 27, 8.2. Remember that the Electron configuration of an element determines the way in which the atoms belonging to said element, in this case terbium, are organized.

The sum of the electrons that this element has gives a total of 65, which are distributed as I will show you below:

  • 2 electrons in the first shell.
  • 8 electrons in a second.
  • 18 electrons in its third shell.
  • 27 electrons in its fourth.
  • 8 electrons in its fifth shell.
  • And 2 electrons in the sixth.

Characteristics of Terbium

  • Electron Configuration Of Terbium Terbium is an element that has remarkable characteristics such as its color: white-silver.
  • It is soft enough to be cut by a knife.
  • He is malleable.
  • Aerial stable.
  • It is ductile.
  • It forms trivalent salts whose solutions are colorless; Form these white colored salts.
  • In the periodic table, it is found before Dysprosium and after Gadolinium, in period 6, block f.
  • It is part of the lanthanide group. Remember that this group is also called rare earth, because of its presentation in the form of oxides.

Physical properties

  • The natural form of this element is in a solid state.
  • It has a density of 8219 kg/m3.
  • It has a melting point of 1629 K which is the same as: 13560 C.
  • It has a boiling point of 3503 K which is equal to 32300 C.
  • It has an enthalpy of fusion of 10.8 KJ/mol.

Atomic Properties of Terbium

  • The mean radius of terbium is 175 pm.
  • Oxidation state 4.
  • It has an electronegativity of 1.20 on the Pauling scale.
  • Oxide, slightly basic, so it has an alkaline property.

In the atomic properties of this element we also find its atomic mass, which is determined by the total mass of protons and neutrons that can be found in a single atom belonging to said element. Terbium has an atomic mass of 158.9.

History of Terbium

Terbium was discovered in Sweden by Carl Mosander in 1843, who detected it as the impurity of an element, yttrium. Giving it the name of the Swedish town where Ytterby was discovered.

According to data obtained from Wikipedia, this element is classified as a rare earth. However, it should be kept in mind that the term, although it could be misleading, was in fact classified in this way by the scientists of yesteryear because the classified elements were very difficult to separate from each other, it is why the term “rare earth” was used. “not because they were rare on earth, but because they were useless. It is a more common element than silver or mercury.


This element is contained in monazite, cerite, godonite,euxenite and xenotime, minerals in which at least 1% is found.

Terbium applications

  • Terbium can be used commercially because it serves as a crystal stabilizer when combined with zirconium dioxide.
  • Use to produce the green color of TVs; Its rust is dark brown.

Health and environmental effects

Terbium belongs to the group of lanthanides, so its compounds have a certain level of toxicity, in this case, moderate. Caution is advised when using it.

It is rarely found in the environment, although it can be released into the environment through the waste of household equipment such as color televisions, glass and fluorescent lamps, accumulating in the ground and later, from the whole process of passing through the water. increase its concentration and, even to be localized in animals, causing problems in the nervous system and its reproduction.

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