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Electron configuration of Roentgenium

Electron Configuration Of Roentgenium The electron configuration of Roentgenium is 5f146d107s1. Roentgenium is a chemical element discovered in 1994. It has an unknown appearance, is symbolized by the acronym Rg and is located in position 111 of the elements of the periodic table. Its symbol is Rg.

Electron configuration of Roentgenium

Electron configuration data

1650488707 198 Electron Configuration Of Roentgenium As I had already commented, Rg is not a natural element, so far it is thought that its probable electron configuration is:

[Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s1

Recalling that the Electron configuration of an element is the way in which the electrons are organized and structured in the atoms of this one.

By predicting in this, that its Electron organization by level is 2,8,18,32,32,17 and 2. It is an element whose ordinary state is unknown at the moment, however in the reactions it is observed in the solid state. Nine isotopes of Rg are currently known.

These isotopes have atomic masses of:

  • 272.
  • 274.
  • 278.
  • 279.
  • 280.
  • 281.
  • 282.
  • 283.
  • 286.

Roentgenium is a radioactive metal which, due to the short half-life of its isotopes, is not found in nature; It is a super heavy metal whose oxidation state, electronegativity, melting point, boiling point and relative atomic mass are unknown.

Roentgenium is an element which, due to its radioactivity, becomes toxic to the human body. Besides being an element with no specific biological function. The lifetime of these isotopes is usually very short because they all decay by spontaneous fusion or alpha decay.

The metastable isotopes of roentgenium are 272 and 274. On the other hand, the most stable is roentgenium -282 but even though it has a half-life of only 1.7 minutes.

With a longer lifetime we find roentgenium-283 with a lifetime of about 5.1 minutes, surpassed by roentgenium-286 with a lifetime of 10.7 minutes.


Roentgenium is an element belonging to the group of transition metals. It was previously known by different names such as:

  • unununium
  • Unbio.
  • Uuu.
  • Plutirius.

It was discovered in 1994 by Gottfried Münzenberg and Peter Armbruster, two German scientists.

The chemical element of these dates had already been tested in various experiments. But it was on December 8, 1994 in Darmstadt, Germany that they found 272 atoms, that is, they found 3 roentgenium isotope nuclei after a reaction produced by bombarding a target with bismuth -209 with an accelerated nickel -64 core.

It was not until the year 203 that the GIS, now known as the European International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, was recognized for the discovery of this element.

Roentgenium nomenclature

If the name roentgenium seems strange to you (while in chemistry nothing is more), in 2004 it was named by this name in honor of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (discoverer of X-rays).

How do we get Rg?

Roentgenium is not an element found in nature, but rather an element developed through chemical reactions. It is obtained by the bombardment of Bi, which are sheets of bismuth combined with nickel ions, which decay in about 15 milliseconds.

What are the characteristics of the Roentgenium configuration

  • 1650488707 385 Electron Configuration Of Roentgenium It is an element belonging to the copper group of transition metals.
  • Its symbol is Rg.
  • Atomic mass 272
  • Its atomic number is 111.
  • It belongs to group 11, period 7, block d of elements.
  • It has an unfamiliar appearance, probably silver, white or gray.
  • Its most stable particle, Rg 272, has a half-life of 1.5 milliseconds and emits alpha particles.
  • The d orbital of its electron configuration is partially filled with electrons.

Atomic mass of Roentgenium

It has a tonic mass of 281 according to data taken from Wikipedia, but it can also be found to have an atomic mass of 272u. Visualization in the periodic table of group 11 and period 7.

What are the uses of Rg?

Roentgenium is considered to have no application outside of scientific research due to the short half-life of its isotopes and the danger of its radioactivity, including the cost of its production in packaging.

Health Effects of Rg

Both in environmental and health terms, the effects produced by this element have been ruled out due to its short lifespan. For example, in the case of health, any amount of this element that forms due to its instability will rapidly decay, which is why its health effects have not been studied nor has it account has been taken of the effects it may have on the environment.

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