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Electron configuration of Rhenium

Electron Configuration Of Rhenium The electron configuration of Rhenium is 5s2 5p6 4f14 5d5 6s2. Rhenium is a chemical element which is represented by the symbol Re and whose atomic number is 75. It is found in group VII B at period 6 of the periodic table. Its state is solid, its atomic mass corresponds to 186.2, its density is 21,020 kg/m3, its melting and boiling points are respectively 3,459 K and 5,597 °C.

It was discovered in 1925 by three scientists of German origin. This element is not found in nature in the elemental state and to date no mineral ore has been found. Molybdenite and gadolinite are the minerals from which rhenium can be extracted. Like technetium, it oxidizes at very high oxygen temperatures.

Its oxidation states are 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, its electron configuration is Xe 4f145d56s2, and its simplified configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2 4p6 4d10 5s2 5p6 4f14 5d5 6s2.

Simplified Electron configuration of rhenium

Simplified Electron Configuration Of Rhenium The simplified Electron configuration of rhenium is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2 4p6 4d10 5s2 5p6 4f14 5d5 6s2 Adding all these indices together the total is 75, which is the total number of electrons it has, which is equal to its atomic number.

According to their Electron configuration, they are distributed as follows: 5s2 5p6 4f14 5d5 6s2

  • 2 electrons orbiting 1s
  • 2 electrons in 2s orbit
  • 6 electrons in 2p orbit
  • 2 electrons in 3s orbit
  • 6 electrons in 3p orbit
  • 10 electrons in 3d orbit
  • 2 electrons in 4s orbit
  • 10 electrons in 4d orbit
  • 2 electrons orbiting 5s
  • 6 electrons in 5p orbit
  • 14 electrons orbiting 4f
  • 5 electrons in 5d orbit
  • 2 electrons in 6s orbit

Characteristics of rhenium

It is silver in color, usually produced as a gray powder. The manufacture of objects with this metal in its pure state is made possible by subjecting it to a vacuum pressure and by heating it in the presence of hydrogen. However, the demand for these items is very minimal.

rhenium isotopes

In its natural form, rhenium contains 37.4% 185 Re, which is stable, and 62.6%, which, although unstable, has a half-life of 41.2 days per 109 years, which is considered very long. In addition, there are several isotopes of this element, the longest of which are 184m Re, which has a lifespan of 169 days, and 186 Re, which has a lifespan of 200,000 years.

33 other unstable isotopes are also known, of which the most durable are 183, which has a half-life of 70 days, the longest are 182Re, which lasts 64 hours, 183Re, with a half-life of 70 days, 184Re which lasts 38 days, 186 Re which lasts 3.7186 days, and also 189Re which lasts 24.3 hours. The lifespan of the remainder is less than a day.

Rhenium production

Years before its discovery there was a small production of molybdenum and it was in the 1950s that its commercialization began to be profitable, at a time when the use of rhenium in catalysts established a demand that could be noticed. . Globally, the production is about 5 tons per year and the reserves of this element are about 350 tons, found mainly in the less American, Chilean and Russian countries.

Uses of Rhenium

  • Because it is very resistant, mainly to corrosion, it is used as a contact material. With this element, a special metal tube used in cameras for flash is also made. Also very good in alloys and as a metal additive it is very useful.
  • Sometimes it was used for the silverware of certain jewelry. It is also used as an additive with molybdenum and tungsten for the formation of alloys used in filaments for lamps and ovens.
  • In the chemical industry, it is used as a catalyst, especially in processes related to the addition of hydrogen gas to other molecules.

Effects of Rhenium on health and the environment

Its toxicological properties have not yet been fully investigated, but it is known to irritate and cause eye and skin burns, respiratory tract irritation. As for the environment, so far there is no trace of toxicity.

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