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Electron configuration of nitrogen

Electron Configuration Of Nitrogen The electron configuration of nitrogen is 1s22s22p6. Nitrogen becomes present in most proteins, playing a very important role in certain biochemical applications, such as industrial applications.

This element has a great ability to create triple bonds when combined with another nitrogen atom and with other types of elements, where strong bonds are generated between them.

Nitrogen compounds are characterized by the large amount of energy between them. Currently, this element is widely used for food preservation and as a fertilizer.

Electron configuration of nitrogen

Electron Configuration Of Nitrogen The electrons of an atom occupy each of the levels taking into account their energies.

The first electrons fill the lower energy levels, then these rise to a much higher energy level.

The outermost level of the atom is known as the valence shell, and the electrons it contains are called valence electrons, which are responsible for the physical and chemical properties of the element.

As nitrogen has an atomic number of 7, then the filling of its electrons in each energy level is configured as follows:


As each atom always seeks to have the noble gas configuration, whether it loses, gains or shares electrons, this nitrogen uses neon as the noble gas, which has 10 as its atomic number and with the electron configuration 1s22s22p6, and at the same time also uses helium has the atomic number 2 and is configured as 1s2.

Nitrogen acquires its valence according to the different ways in which it is combined, however, since it is located in the periodic table in the second period, which prevents it from expanding its valence, it must wait until it is at – 3, +3 and +5.

valence of nitrogen.

The valences of this chemical element range from -3, as in amines and ammonia, to +5 as in nitric acid.

This, unlike other element types, does not extend valences.

They have atomic number 7 and become the first element of group 15 or VA of the periodic table. Besides nitrogen, this group includes bismuth, antimony, arsenic, phosphorus and miscovium.

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