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iron density

Iron Density The density of iron is 7.874 g/cm³. Iron is a chemical element that has its metallic nature. Moreover, it is widely known, since it is a type of raw material that is quite fundamental for the construction and the manufacture of tools.

What is the density of iron?

Of the density of iron its generalities

  • Iron is known as a metal that has a silver gray color.
  • It is considered malleable and is also magnetic.
  • The density of iron is considered heavy.
  • Iron is a chemical element, therefore, its molecules consist of only one type of atom.
  • It is the fourth most abundant element in the earth’s crust. And, in addition, it is the representation of 5% of its components. However, it cannot be found in nature in a pure state, nor can it be used in a pure state.

Iron used since antiquity

  • Iron Density Iron is combined with other metals or minerals, forming alloys.
  • It is good to indicate in this case of iron, that its use is well beyond 4000 BC when it was used in both Egyptian and Sumerian cultures.
  • At first it was for ceremonial purposes, later becoming the raw material for making swords, given its hardness.

Density of iron and its physical properties

Among the physical properties possessed by iron, we must mention among many others:

  • Its malleability: Iron has great malleability, that is to say it can deform without breaking. And it is for this reason that one can manufacture thin layers of iron.
  • Hardness: One of the most important properties is its hardness, which makes iron considered highly resistant to scratches caused by other materials.
  • The density of iron: Iron has a high density, and it is possible that a very high weight can be achieved in a small volume of it. As a result, the density of iron is 7,874 Kg/m3.

The conductivity of iron

  • Iron has a fairly high thermal conductivity. It is for this reason that it is used as one of the main components of kitchen utensils, since they must withstand quite high temperatures. Its thermal conductivity is 80.2 W/(Km).
  • Its electrical conductivity is very low, which is why iron is not considered a metal to be used in the field of electricity, in circuits and cables used for electrical purposes.

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