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Uses Of The Theriodic Table

All matter has mass and volume., however the mass of different substances occupies different volumes.

For Example: We Notice That Iron Or Concrete Is Heavy, While The Same Amount Of Rubber Or Plastic Is Light.

For example: we notice that iron or concrete is heavy, while the same amount of rubber or plastic is light.

The property that allows us to measure the lightness or heaviness of a substance is called density. The greater the density of a body, the heavier it will appear to us.

D = Frac{M}{V}

Density is defined as the ratio between the mass of a body and the volume it occupies. Thus, as in the international system, mass is measured in kilograms (kg) and volume in cubic meters (m3) density will be measured in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3).

Most substances have densities similar to water, so if this unit were used, very large numbers would still be used. To avoid this, another unit of measurement is usually used, the gram per cubic centimeter (gr/cm3).

The density of a body is related to its buoyancy, one substance will float above another if its density is lower.

This Is Why Wood Floats On Water And Lead Sinks In It, Because Lead Has A Higher Density Than Water While Wood Has A Lower Density, But Both Substances Will Sink In Gasoline , Which Has A Lower Density.

This is why wood floats on water and lead sinks in it, because lead has a higher density than water while wood has a lower density, but both substances will sink in gasoline , which has a lower density.

The Density Of Water Is 1 Gr./Cm3, This Means That 1 Liter Of Water Is Also Equivalent To 1 Kilogram Of Water.

The density of water is 1 g/cm3this means that 1 liter of water is also equal to 1 kilogram of water.

Exercises resolved in density

Solved exercises 1

A piece of platinum metal with a density of 21.5 g/cm3 it has a volume of 4.49 cm3. What is its mass?

Using the density formula.

1650483145 521 What Is Density

Values ​​are cleared and replaced.

1650483146 503 What Is Density

1650483146 850 What Is Density

The mass is 96.5 grams.

Solved exercises 2

Calculate the density of mercury if 1.00 x 10of them grams occupy a volume of 7.36 cm3.

Using the density formula.

1650483145 521 What Is Density

Substitute the mass and volume values ​​in the formula to get the density.

1650483146 112 What Is Density

The density is 13.6 g/cm3

Solved exercises 3

Calculate the volume of 65.0 g of liquid methanol (wood alcohol) if its density is 0.791 g/mL.

Using the density formula.

1650483146 95 What Is Density

Clear v and replace the values.

1650483146 179 What Is Density

1650483146 105 What Is Density

The volume is 82.2ml.

Solved exercises 4

What is the mass in grams of a gold cube (density 19.32 g/cm3) if its length is 2.00 cm?

We can calculate the mass from the volume of the cube and its density.

The volume of a cube is its length cubed.
1650483146 757 What Is Density

If we solve the density formula for the mass and substitute the volume and density of the cube, we get the mass.

1650483146 263 What Is Density

1650483146 370 What Is Density

1650483147 405 What Is Density

The mass is 155 grams.

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