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helium density

Densidad Del Hidrogeno The density of helium is 0.126 (g/ml). Helium is a gaseous chemical element. Its symbol is He and its atomic number is 2. As for its atomic mass, it is 4.0026. It is therefore a gas belonging to the noble gases of group O, corresponding to the periodic table.

Helium e is the main source of helium in the world, located in the United States. In a group of fields containing a lot of natural gas.

helium density

its density

Helium is a gas that has no color, smell or taste. It has greater solubility than any other gas in water. It stands out as the least reactive of the elements and does not form essentially any type of chemical compound.

As for the density of helium, it is considered very low. Since its thermal conductivity as well as its caloric content are exceptionally very high.

The first gas to fill balloons

  • Helium Density Helium can liquefy, but its condensation temperature turns out to be the lowest of all known substances.
  • We know that helium became the first gas to fill so many balloons for various uses, especially during the parties that we know so well, as well as the famous airships that have been so popular around the world.

Use of helium in high altitude research

This app also continued to do research related to high altitude, as well as weather type balloons.

Helium’s primary use is as the inert shielding gas in autogenous welding, with its greatest potential in very low temperature applications.

The temperatures reached by helium

We know that helium is the only refrigerant capable of reaching temperatures below 14 K, or -434°F. The main value in terms of ultra-low temperature is found in the development that occurs in the superconductivity state. There is virtually no resistance to the flow of electricity.

Other applications of helium

Helium has other applications, including its use as a pressurizing gas, ie in rocket fuels (which are liquid). Also in mixtures produced for helium and oxygen divers, as well as a working fluid used in gas-cooled nuclear-type reactors. It is also a gas that serves as a vector in chemical analyzes carried out by gas phase chromatography.

health effects

Among the effects on exposure to helium, the substance can be absorbed into the body by inhalation. In these cases, the symptoms that occur are:

  • to raise the voice
  • dizziness
  • heaviness
  • Headache
  • Suffocation
  • Also, when inhaled, suffocation may occur due to the decrease in oxygen in the air.

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